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Kingshunt is a third-person tactical arena brawler set in a dark fantasy

world. Form a team of five, choose your hero and take the fight to the

enemy in this competitive online multiplayer game. Summon powerful minions and towers to combat the enemy


The first of its kind in the MOBA genre, every player has agency with the ability to deploy fierce minions and

place formidable towers. This adds a whole new level of strategy to the

category unseen before.

Conquest is a 5 vs 5 PvP game mode. In this game mode, two teams fight for control of the battlefield by taking objectives and eliminating enemy players. There are three control points: one in the center and two at the sides. The first team to eliminate the enemy team’s players is victorious. Both teams' objective is to reach 1500 points so the enemy team goes to Faltering and can’t respawn. Tickets are earned by holding objectives, eliminating enemy minions and players, and destroying enemy lane structures.